Saturday, July 08, 2006

Adrienne, I did it!!!!!!! 
Sorry for the light blogging this week. It's due to a combination of general lack of motivation and the fact that I've been cramming for my final exam in individual income tax planning - which was successfully completed (Yippee!!!!!!)

Lively discussion going on at Press Think.

Incidentally, (Kos's?) Armando weighs in here, with the ridiculous assertion that the Founding Fathers created a free press in order to decide what would remain classified and what wouldn't.

I think I chewed him to a bloody, pulsating stump.- he hasn't been back, nor has anyone tried to offer any specific rebuttal.

Another fun assertion I haven't had time to deal with is Lisa William's argument that the SWIFT monitoring program was, of course, no secret, because SWIFT itself was not a secret organization.

Have fun with that one.

I'm goin' fiddling.

Splash, out


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