Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What did the moojies do... 
... to convince the New York Times to describe them with the word "rebel?"

Why is the Times giving them the romantic panache associated with the term "rebel?" What have they done to deserve that title over the more neutral and accurate term "insurgent?"

Robert E. Lee was a "rebel."
Luke Skywalker was a "rebel."
The Kurds staged a "rebellion" against Saddam Hussein in 1991.

What happened? Did the moojies buy an ad or something? Are they hiring NY Times columnists as consultants?

And since when are Marines hurt in a truck wreck "wounded," rather than injured?

And why is the article such a disjointed mess? The article talks about the insurgent attack, then the truck wreck, then the Rice visit, then does a police blotter roundup of the different terrorist attacks around the country, and then the truck wreck again, then casualty figures, then a political roundup in Iraq, then the Rice visit again.

Splash, out


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