Friday, April 07, 2006

John Kerry: Let's cede the initiative! 
Here's John Kerry, arguing for the stupidest military policy imaginable: Micromanaging the commanders on the ground, tying their hands, and preventing them from engaging in offensive operations like ambush patrols.
To increase the pressure on Iraq's leaders, we must redeploy American forces to garrisoned status. Troops should be used for security backup, training and emergency response; we should leave routine patrols to Iraqi forces. Special operations against Al Qaeda and other foreign terrorists in Iraq should be initiated only on hard intelligence leads.

Yes. Let's leave the streets to the insurgents, so they can take all night to plant daisy chain IEDs, confident that they will remain unmolested by American ambushes and snipers.

That way they can hot-loop enough 155mm shells to take out an entire convoy instead of just one or two vehicles at a time.

Where does this imbecile think intelligence leads come from? They don't come when American forces are sitting hunkered in garrison. They come when American forces are on the street, talking to Iraqis - kids, shopkeepers, neighbors, workers.

Kerry's plan is a plan for defeat. It's the plan of a beaten man. It's a plan for failure.

Thank God almighty this man didn't win the presidency.

Splash, out


It's been obvious since he lost the election that he's now HOPING for a defeat. It should be no surprise that he's seeking plausible sounding means to make it happen.
I strongly suspect that if he'd been elected, he would be doing EXACTLY what the Bush administration is doing now.

But, not having been elected, he can't just sit there and say, "what Bush is doing is right, stick to your guns, Dubya." Thus he presents an admittedly asinine alternative plan.
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