Monday, March 13, 2006

Towards Safer Kids 
A company called SaferKidz has harnessed biometric technology to create a nifty new law enforcement tool:

They can use light imaging to take a photographic "mold" of a child's face, in 3D, and convert it into bits. These bits can go into a database. If a child is reported missing, law enforcement can access that image, and zap it instantly to the field computers in all the law enforcement squad car computers in town. (See a Good Morning America profile here)

The idea is to save time in the critical first few hours in which a child goes missing: Law enforcement can "flood the zone" with officers who know exactly who they're looking for, and what the child looks like, from a variety of angles. No need to wait for law enforcement to go to the parent's house, take a full report, and scan a photograph. That can take an hour or more by itself. SaferKidz's new technology can save time in that crucial first three hours and get cops out on the street searching.

What's the military angle?

SaferKidz is conducting a pilot imaging program where they will provide the imaging free of charge for up to 20,000 children at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

(The President and CEO's son is in the 82nd Division there.)

Looks like a very promising program.

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