Monday, March 06, 2006

The Europeans... 
You remember them. They're the same people who trusted Hitler at Munich. The same people who trusted Milosevich. Turns out, they got suckered again.

H/T, RantingProfs

It doesn't seem to be suckered so much as having left themselves no other realistic alternatives. Chamberlain was hoping to turn Hitler's attentions towards the east, Poland and the Soviet Union, and away from France and Britain. Responding to Milosevic would have involved military muscle, which is in short supply in Europe these days. They really seem to be relying on desperation more than anything else. I find it difficult to believe that otherwise rational people could be suckered by the likes of the Iranians. I think Europe just doesn't have anything to offer other than weak carrots, so they keep throwing them out there. Who knows, maybe a miracle will happen?
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