Monday, January 02, 2006

Media as a 5th Column ... 
KROM is a Spanish-language radio station in San Antonio Texas. Lately, they've been taking calls from listeners tipping them off about the movements of U.S. Border Patrol officers as they do their jobs, and broadcasting the information, warning illegals to stay away.

That crap needs to stop.

It wouldn't take much to take that information and use it to ambush our agents with lethal force.

Of course, it would also be pretty easy to do, given enough participants, using an open-interface blog, but why make things easier than we have to?

This radio station is using a segment of the public radio spectrum to undermine the interests of the public. They may also be distributing classified information - and they are recklessly endangering the lives of our U.S. Border Patrol Officers.

Shut them down, and push for criminal indictments.

Splash, out


Hat tip: Mind in the Qatar

Not to mention, use this information to be better able to sneak in a truly dangerous foreigner, ala AQ.
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