Monday, December 05, 2005

What kind of men are on trial in Baghdad? 
From CNN:

Ahmed Hassan Mohammed, a resident of Dujail, told the court how he and others -- including women and children -- were rounded up and transported to intelligence headquarters in Baghdad, where they were tortured, and the women, including young girls, were raped, sometimes before the eyes of the men.

"There were mass arrests. Women and men. Even if a child was 1-day-old they used to tell his parents, 'Bring him with you,"' AP quoted Mohammed as testifying. He said he was taken to a security center where "I saw bodies of people from Dujail."

"They were martyrs I knew," Mohammed said, giving the names of nine people whose bodies he saw.

Of one man, Mohammed said: "They broke him. Broke his arm, his leg. This is during torture. They also shot at his foot, all of that during interrogation. He died under torture. They broke all his body parts."

Mohammed also described seeing Hussein's half brother and co-defendant, Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti, wearing a cowboy hat and red boots and carrying an assault rifle, prompting Tikriti to call out "That's a lie!"

Hussein listened to Mohammed's testimony with close attention but interrupted him on several occasions.

As Mohammed began, Saddam said, "Rest assured I will not touch you." He told Mohammed to tell the court what he had to say.

At one point, Mohammed told Hussein's half brother, "You killed a 14-year-old boy."

"To hell," Tikriti replied.

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