Friday, December 02, 2005

Not dead... 
Posting's been light lately. I apologize. This last weekend was spent mostly on music. Had a couple of rip-roaring seisuns on Sunday. Two in one day! Then I've got the regular job. Haven't been able to blog from the desk there, because Mac OS 9 sucks. Then I've had military duties to attend to in the evening on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Plus I'm still sick from the flu from earlier. Not as bad as I was, but I was seriously flattened, like I thought I was gonna choke on myself and die earlier this month, and I'm still dealing with a nagging cough and some chest pain, a month later.

Get your flu shots, people! This one is no joke!

The weird thing is, the virus attacked my shoulder, too, and it's felt arthritic all month.

My APFT next week is gonna suck!

Anyway, I just haven't been motivated to do intense blogging for a few days.

More down the road.


Didn't realize you still felt so punk. Sorry - and I hope it begins to ease off some.

You're a busy man - don't see how you ever find the time to blog so well. Best, Katy
-hey, follow my standard advice for all such illnesses-- 'play your ACEZ'--jack up your intake of vit A, C, E and zinc. viruses suck them outta you. you need 150k a day just of vit A alone when you get a virus. Zinc is another one like that. you need it for smell, taste, sex, wound healing and immune system. if you drain it by over using any one of those, all the others suffer for the lack. either eat oysters or buy zinc lozenges or tablets.

get some kick ass ginseng. something in an asian grocery with the strength of espresso. tell them you want medicine strength, not just beverage drink strength.
and then go into a healthfood store and tell the perso in charge of herbs that your cough and your chest haven't cleared out since you were sick. ask them what teas you can drink to rouse your lungs and get that crud to move all the way outta you. what you want are called 'expectorants'. means, makes you cough more effectively and moves more crud up out of your lungs.
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