Monday, November 07, 2005

Tactical analysis of French rioting 
There's a good discussion going on at Wretchard's place.

His readers come up with cool links like the RAND corporation's Advent of NETWAR and the Center for Strategic Study's Street Gangs: The New Urban Insurgency.

(Street gangs are new????)

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Why not take a page out of the South Korean shop owners of L.A. during the sudden riots several years ago? Instantly, they were networked, posting lookouts, sentries and looter shooters around their businesses. The shotguns were pulled out from under the counters, and they stood their ground. All this was helped along by the fact that most had ROK military experience. I recall seeing them posted strategically on rooftops, cell phones in one hand, rifles in the other.
Yep. I was there, believe it or not. It was during finals week while I was at USC my senior year.

I was living off campus at the time, near Vermont and Hoover, just north of the USC campus. The USC area was to the north of much of the worst of it. But I vividly remember the images from Koreatown, and applauded them.

As I recall, it was effective - the protected Korean businesses were left alone.

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