Thursday, November 10, 2005

No better friend, no worse enemy 
And no one I'm prouder to have fought alongside than our brothers in the United States Marine Corps.

Happy birthday, Marines.

Happy Birthday to the finest brothers in arms we have. It is a source of immeasurable pride to me and my shipmates that in some small way, the Dept of the Navy is at least associated with the United States Marine Corps, since they are a part of the Department of the Navy.

The fact that the Navy Dept has its own private Army in the manifestation of the USMC means we can always be there first with the toughest. It is kind of like being the older brother of the meanest kid in the junkyard. You don't dare face him down, but you'll never root for someone else against him.

Happy Birthday, Marines.
I started a small blog from some pictures I had taken in Nam. Some of them are about vietnam war memorial wall and similar subjects. I went to your blog to get ideas of how others did theirs. Nice job ! ---Jack---
I was out blogging and ran across your blog. From what little time I got to spend on your blog, everything looks good. I will return for future visits.

Best Regards,
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