Friday, November 04, 2005

More nihilism at the NY Times 
BAGHDAD, Iraq, Nov. 3 - The Islamic militant group Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia announced in an Internet posting on Thursday that it would kill a Moroccan diplomat and driver who were kidnapped in Iraq on the highway from Jordan last month.

Also on Thursday, the American military announced the deaths of three more American soldiers, bringing the three-day death toll for American troops here to eight.

The Moroccans, identified by the militant group as Abderrahim Boualem, a driver, and Abdelkrim el-Mohsfidi, a Moroccan diplomat, were kidnapped Oct. 20 on their way back from Jordan, where they had picked up their paychecks, said a report by The Associated Press.

The kidnapping follows a pattern apparently aimed at driving Muslim diplomats from Iraq, making it harder for the Iraqi government to strengthen diplomatic ties. In July, gunmen abducted the top Algerian diplomat in Iraq, and a fellow envoy, in Baghdad. In the same month, the top Egyptian envoy here was kidnapped.

The militant group said in its statement that its Islamic court had sentenced the two men "to be an example for others who are still thinking to challenge the mujahedeen and dare to come to the land of the two rivers," referring to Iraq.

Militant? Gunmen?

My God, New York Times - after all this time, and after so many murders, what in the world does Al Qaeda have to do to qualify for the term "terrorist?"

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Liberals don't believe in terrorists, only 'militant' groups that America hasn't appeased yet.
Remember: for the NYT, the only terrorists are the Americans who dare to hope they can bring freedom to a nation.
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