Monday, November 07, 2005

A modest proposal 
I think all French women should withhold sex from French men until the latter demonstrate their manhood and impose some law and order in their own country.

Today's French man - at least in Parisian elite circles in government and media - has been intellectually hobbled beyond by decades of nihilism, existentialism, and post-modernism. Aside from bribery, this may be the only language that the French man understands anymore.

I am hopeful that the soul of France - the soul of REAL France, the soul of liberty, egality and brotherhood, the soul of Jean Moulin, Vercingetorix, Simone de Bouvoir, Lafayette, Denise Bloch, Charles Delestraint, and Snoopy, buried somewhere in the Normandy countryside, will rise again.

But we've been waiting a long time.

You made me laugh with this one! It might work, though. Nothing else seems to...
Don't forget Olivier de Clisson, either. Or Charles Martel. Or Auguste Ducrot. Or Maurice Gamelin. Or. . . .
Chocolat Mousse!?!?!?!
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