Friday, November 04, 2005

Drag warriors 
Note to self -

Next time you see a bunch of Iraqi "women" armed with AKs and rocket propelled grenade launchers, be a little suspicious.

It could be they were just out shopping, but you never know.

The New York Times grants these cross-dressing fiends the admiring title of "rebel." You know, like they were Luke Skywalker or Robert E. Lee or something.

The reality is that these scumlickers have deliberately rent the fabric of Iraqi society, in which women - with a very few exceptions - are noncombatants. It's no different from using hospitals as ammo dumps or using ambulances as car bombs. They are seeking to blur the lines further between combatant and noncombatant, and hope to hurt the Iraqi people and indirectly cause further bloodshed.

The New York Times' fawning news story, of course, makes no mention of this dynamic, in yet further evidence of their abominable reflexive nihilism.

Any guerrilla caught dressed in women's clothing should be promptly executed as a spy.

Splash, out


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