Thursday, November 03, 2005

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France Capitulates to Rioters...
Paris declared an "open city..."
French gendarmes on strike for better criminals...
Belgian waffles...


I'd like to see more info on the French riots. The first responders are beginning to say it's civil war.

It's already outlasted the rodney king riots, but from what I've been able to judge the riots are not as intense. This may be due to a blackout of info and may be due to the fact it is indeed less intense.

All told, Rodney King lasted 6 days, 60 people (tops) died, and 1 billion (tops) damage occurred.

In France they are on day 9(?). If anyone has died since the original two crispy teens, they haven't made the news I've seen. Damage seems to be mostly focues on cars, 317 have been torched, so figureing $10,000/car that's only 3 million. Some small businesses have been damaged too, but how many? No one close enough to the action to throw out a number has thrown one out.

All in all, I'm very dissappointed with the media coverage.
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