Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Columbia Journalism Review finally gets one right! 
From the CJR's Gal Beckerman:


We do not agree with the MRC that there is some kind of conspiracy at work here, or even an inherent bias -- unless it be the bias for drama and narrative. As Young, of the Globe has noted, all reporters, not just the ones in Iraq, find it tempting to place unfolding news within the framework of one dominant narrative, one that doesn't usually make much room for nuance. For a long time now that narrative has been that Iraq is a quagmire. And there is usually very little to counter this perception, what with car bombs going off and American soldiers dying almost every day.

But this is not the whole story. A parallel narrative has it that the process of democratization in Iraq, halting and stumbling though it may be, is not just important, but may turn out to be historic. The press should not relegate that narrative to second fiddle just because it doesn't mesh with the daily death and destruction that we've sadly come to expect from an Iraq given over to savagery.

It's pretty breathtaking that this writer can concede that the MRC's own numbers are compelling - especially when combined with the Pew numbers and and study after study documenting institutional biases towards liberalism on every level - and still cling to the delusion that "there's no inherent bias." This is a position one can only hold in the left-wing echo chamber that is Manhattan.

Nevertheless, it's good to see the CJR finally conceding that there is another competing story - even an historic one - unfolding before our very eyes. Brent Bozell and the milbloggers are beginning to score some points.

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