Monday, October 03, 2005

Corrections dept. 
I posted a correction at the bottom of Electric Loveladyland below. Steve Lovelady is not the editor of the Columbia Journalism Review. That title belongs to Michael Hoyt. Lovelady was at one time the honcho of the CJR blog "Campaign Desk," and still contributes to CJR Daily, the web log. As of May, he was the Managing Editor, but he does not appear on CJR's online masthead.

There, Mr. Krugman, Mr. Rich, Ms. Dowd, and Gail "Disaster in her own right" Collins. I updated the post itself, and I ran the correction just as prominently as the original post. That wasn't so hard, was it?

Now you do it.


P.S., Still waiting for Lovelady to point out precisely where, in the text itself, I said that what Leonard Pitts said happened to Leonard Pitts did not happen to Leonard Pitts.

So far, Lovelady writes he's "comfortable" with what he wrote.

As for me, a flat-out factual error or misrepresentation isn't something I'd be "comfortable" with. Must be a CJR thing.

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