Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Armor Follies Redux 
The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that troops are still driving around with less than optimal armor in Iraq.


Two years into a war against insurgent fighters who use roadside bombs as a favored tactic, U.S. Army soldiers still are being ordered to roll off forward operating bases with inferior truck armor.

   The Utah-based 146th Transportation Company has logged more than 200,000 miles on M915 tractors armored with what soldiers unkindly refer to as "hillbilly armor" - a half-inch of scrap steel hastily cut in the shape of the door and welded or riveted on.

   The 146th was driving missions on Iraq's highways for more than six weeks before it could even say that most of its fleet had been adequately armored with "Level 2" protections - the hefty, inch-thick Kevlar shell and bullet-resistant windows designed to withstand roadside bomb explosions and gunfire.

   Company Commander Eryth Zecher said she has been told that the final installation of Level 2 armoring for her unit's vehicles will occur by the end of October.

Via Greyhawk at www.mudvillegazette.com.

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