Saturday, September 03, 2005

Note to self 
If we're ever directing a similar mass evacuation, requiring days of shuttling between distant points, consider holding one or two busses back, and using those to train new bus drivers during the day.

That way, when your first batch of drivers conks out, you can pull them out of the busses. But you don't have to stop running the busses. They just hot seat and you continue operations 24/7.

It's hard to think that far ahead when you're in the middle of it, though. By the time you get the idea, you've already sent your busses somewhere on an all day mission.

I've had lots of bright ideas just a little too late. You file it away for next time, and you put it in an AAR that someone, hopefully, will read.

Splash out

I took a similar approach in discussing the incompetent questions the press is asking Secretary Chertoff (and likely many other true leaders) this afternoon. I look at the problem of moviing just ONE bus.

Oops, sorry, Jason. Didn't mean to double post this on two separate threads. Unfamiliarity with Blogspot and impatience led to it. Feel free to delete one or both times.

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