Sunday, September 04, 2005

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Dateline: Houston TX -- Thousands of evacuees trying to make their way back to New Orleans
...Houston tourism director resigns in disgrace.

Al Qaeda offers humanitarian assistance to U.S...

Hugo Chavez claims responsibility for Katrina
"...That will teach that Pat Robertson guy and his Bible Belt whackos who they're fucking with," says Venezuelan strongman...

Warrantee on Louisiana purchase expired in 2003
France breathes sigh of relief
U.S. kicks self for not buying "premium extended plan"

Fats Domino rescued; Doug Kershaw still missing. America waits, and worries...

Global cayenne pepper crunch affects restaurants worldwide...
Chefs no longer serving North Atlantic salmon "blackened"
Food critics nationwide rejoice...
Price of creamy dill sauce soaring...
...Nobody still eats parsley...


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