Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I've been an Alison Kraus and Jerry Douglas fan for over fifteen years, back when Jerry was a Nashville studio hotshot, and Alison was a young bluegrasser who would be momentarily lifted from obscurity every year or so with a spot on Prarie Home Companion.

The new Union Station album, Lonely Runs Both Ways, is exquisite. A tour de force of sheer musicianship.

The highlight for me: the stately, restrained tornado of a rendition of a Woody Guthrie tune, "Pastures of Plenty," the greatest love song to America ever written.

Oh, and every note Jerry Douglas plays can practically be chiseled in stone.

You can here even more of Jerry on Union Station's double live set, Live, which is where I'd start if you're new to them.

Good stuff from some great, great masters of the craft.

Splash, out


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