Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Congratulations are due... 
...to Andrew Sullivan, who performed the ultimate hat trick:

Right Wing News, whose panel of blogger judges nominated him in the "Most annoying right of center blogger" in 2003, nominated him "Most annoying left of center blogger" in 2004."

Go figure.

Andrew was always pro-gay marriage. So that didn't change. What changed was his faith in the efficacy of this president in his pursuit of a conservative agenda.

I don't think Andrew's break with the President was over ideology so much as a perception of competence.

Even now, Sullivan is arguing for MORE troops in Iraq, not fewer. And he seems to assume that the need for more troops was somehow self-evident all along.

But no one who is calling for more troops has yet been able to tell me where those troops will come from, and how that troop level could have been sustained.

But congratulations to Sullivan for maintaining enough intellectual independence to get nominated on both ends of the barbell.

Keep on irritating people, Andrew!

Splash, out


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