Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bush will win Florida. It surprised me. I thought the Democratic ground game was stronger here. The Democrats wanted it more. The Democrats were hungry. I based that on what was happening in the inner city neighborhoods in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, where the streets were humming with political energy for Kerry and the Democrats.

It seemed that whole city blocks were plastered with signs: VOTE NOVEMBER 3rd!!!!

I also knew that all the graphic artist types I work with had received calls a couple of weeks ago from the Democratic party: "Do you need a ride to the polls? Can you give someone a ride? Can you work phones?"

I'm a registered Republican, and no one called me until Friday, wanting to confirm that I had recieved the absentee ballot I had requested (I hadn't.)

So I thought the Republicans were going to lose Florida for being fat, dumb, and happy.

But Bush will win Florida, and it looks like he'll take Ohio as well.

But right now, he's behind in Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire.

This could go to the House.


One good bright spot: the margin of Kerry's victory in Pennsylvania is too big for military absentee votes to make a difference. Ed Rendell has established himself as a scumbag, but the margin of Kerry's win there will spare us from a long legal battle over them.

UPDATE: Colorado goes Bush.

I believe Bush wins the election.


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