Friday, October 08, 2004

Hey, Time Magazine!!! 
We've been at war now for what--more than three years???

So when are you knuckleheads finally going to figure out that there's a difference between the terms 'soldier,' and 'marine,' and the two terms are not interchangeable?

(Check out the accompanying photo essay, also from Ramadi. Time takes the unusual step of photographing a wounded marine, face recognizeable.

(Unfortunately, the editors of Time Magazine haven't figured out the difference between a medic and a corpsman, either).

Editors, how many veterans are on staff in your newsroom?

Splash, out


Well Geez, Jason. At least out-of-touch Time has enough English Comp skills to know to capitalize Marine. There is a difference from a solider and a Marine. A Marine is a not a classification, but a title, earned and,thus, to be capitalized when written. Hence, a proper noun. Comparing a solider to a Marine is like comparing a pack mule to a Stallion! What a hypocrite! Yet, my ultimate question to you as I read most of your laughable points...if you are a solider in Iraq...are you doing all this blogging on government time? utilizing government equipment? web access? Please comment, I am sure the GAO and your local or service IG would like to know as badly as I do.
Splash out
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